SoCAL APTA Event (2016-05-07)
SoCAL APTA Event (2016-05-07)
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May 7, 2016 all-day Atlantic/Azores Timezone
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SoCAL APTA Event (2016-05-07) @ Park

I am happy to share the below success story on behalf of every SoCAL Aptudu, including few group photos in separate emails due to size limitations.
——————————————————————————————————————————————–May 7th, 2016 was another incredible event in the history of Southern California (SoCAL) APTA. Thirty Nine SoCAL APTA families collectively drove 3000 miles from various spread-out cities and gathered under one roof at Cerritos town to celebrate this year’s first SoCAL APTA event, proudly called as – SoCAL Ugadi Picnic event. Their presence demonstrated community unity in unequivocal terms and further strengthened the organization’s roots.

 Our respected APTA president, Gopala Gudapati garu couldn’t make it in person but sent his encouraging audio message that was as good as his personal presence. Visionaries from APTA board and the national team participated in the event in person by travelling 5000 miles, while sacrificing their two night’s sleep. APTA Board Chairman Vishu Bokkisam garu, Bylaws committee chair and West Region Conference convener Srinivasa Rao Chimata garu, and NCAL Region Vice President, Satya Ramisetty garu inspired SoCAL members by sharing APTA stories happening across the board at different levels. They also challenged the SoCAL members to think “BIG” and be actively part of the rapidly growing APTA organization – soon to be a 5000-member organization.

 Another Aptudu, Malik Chilakala, drove another 1000 miles from Nevada and participated in the event with his family.

 Amazing teamwork was displayed throughout the event in every activity. Apturallu demonstrated their talent in cooking delicious food, participating in ugadi pachadi competition and enjoyed team building activities. Aptulu equally supported the ladies by participating in team building activities and appreciating the good food. Kids participated in cultural activities, enjoyed the games and their favorite ice-creams. It was a complete 6-hour package filled with fun for every member.

 AND the most important part of all was a – generous pledges of $8,200 to APTA’s flagship program, ASEP, in just 15 minutes. Members showed their heart-felt support and exhibited their “we care for our community” attitude. ASEP team distributed T-shirts and pens to members as a token of appreciation.

 Strength of any organization is their members. When members are strong in all aspects, the organization will be stronger. With that spirit, SoCAL Aptudu, Gagan Mekala presented a thought provoking personal finance presentation to the members so that members can explore options to become financially stronger.

Every SoCAL aptudu and Apturalu was behind this amazing successful event and everyone deserves a big “shout-out”. 

Looking forward, we are fast approaching the West Region Conference planned to be conducted in a grand way on September 4th in Northern California. It’s our responsibility to make this event a great success and to create another milestone in the history of APTA.  Please be ready to be part of that event.

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