Board Chair's Message

The board at American Progressive Telugu Association (APTA) adheres to a four pillar governing structure that has a laser focus in protecting and elevating the organization reputation. The four pillars include reduce APTA risk exposure, mitigate APTA liability, protect APTA assets, and enhance APTA reputation.

In this governing model, the board directors group took an initial stab at all the guidelines that needed to be put in place to make the existing programs adhere to NPO guidelines including the flagship programs like ASEP, AMAP etc. Board closed all existing legal challenges pending since 2016, secured the United States Patent for APTA logo and name, secured all organizational documents since the inception of the APTA in 2008 and finally brought the top most Guidestar platinum seal of transparency award. The organization Guidestar tracks 10,000 NPOs and awards bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards based on the evaluation done for organization mission, goals and best practices.

Currently, board is in the process of finalizing the bylaws while making them simple to read and presenting in the most professional manner. We are also making sure that the organization assets are being tracked as per norms dictated by the IRS.

Appreciate all the members for giving us the opportunity to serve.

Kiran Palla

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