Board Chair's Message

Greetings to you all,

Welcome to the new year! We are all happy to see 2020 pass into the rearview mirror. In retro, we as a group did go through a lot of hiccups in the last year. Hopefully, things are getting better in terms of the vaccination process. Most of our seniors got the shots already. Thank God for saving mankind!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. We all know it’s often darkest right before the dawn, but we’ve weathered much worse in years past and we’ll do it again going forward. If we can do our small portion of service and take care of each other a little better than we did before, we will make a meaningful difference for the community.

At APTA, we all should be proud, celebrate, and applause our entire past leadership team (2018-2020) for getting recognized and honored with the Golden Presidential Volunteer Award. Hearty Congratulations to each and everyone of you!

From a Services standpoint, we have kicked off our activities. Starting with the distribution of blankets for nearly 5,000 senior citizens, getting prepared for the ASEP checks, and many more.

Thank you for being such a great group of people. We’re all doing something in our own small way. Together as a team, we are making a big difference and are working hard to put our community in a better place.

Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Best Regards,
Eswar Arige
Board Chairman
Ph: 408-203-9551




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