Operational Guidelines

The following guidelines should be considered as “addendums” to the existing APTA Bylaws:,

  1.  All General and Registered Members DL’s (ap-ta@googlegroups.com and apta_reg_members@googlegroups.com respectively) would be moderated by the Mail/Group Moderation team and are owned by the Executive President and Executive Secretary.
  2. General DL is a super set of the Registered DL. All newly introduced members shall be added to the General DL by the Memberships team. If you copy to the General DL, you don’t need to copy to the Registered DL (to avoid duplicate mails).
  3. All official communication shall be sent to the Registered DL and depending on the context, it can be copied to the General DL.
  4. The usage of Membership DL’s should be used cautiously by both leadership and membership. The Welcome Message to the newly introduced general/registered members shall be sent only by the Memberships Team and/or by a few other designated executives such as President, Secretary etc. In order to avoid the mail traffic, the rest of the APTA members are not encouraged to reply such member-introducing mails to the whole email distribution list, but they are welcome to communicate directly with the new members. The Moderation team is authorized to delete any mail in the moderation queue depending on their objective judgement.
  5. All special occasion greeting mails (such as New Year, Sankranthi, Ugadi etc) should be sent to the Membership only by President and/or Secretary on behalf of the entire APTA leadership. The mass replies from the general membership and/or other APTA Executive members to such greeting mails shall be deleted from the Moderation Queue.
  6. Mails with irrelevant content (abusive words, explicit caste tags, porn content etc) will always be deleted from the Moderation Queue right away.
  7. No member (including all APTA Executives) is allowed to “Bcc (blind copy)” their mails to some of and/or to the whole of APTA members. If some one does it, the Board has a right to suspend such member’s membership without any further discussions.
  8. Mails (from either Members or the Executive members) with negative and damaging content to the Organization will always be deleted from the Moderation Queue and the senders of such mails are subjected to the disciplinary action taken by the Board. The Moderation team would draw an objective judgment on such mails as to whether it is damaging and detrimental to the organization or not and they accordingly take an action (either to release to the members or to delete from the moderation queue or to report an abusive case against the sender to the Board). The Moderation team shall formally file a complaint against such people (that send the damaging mails to the membership) with the Board Chair and latter, with a majority approval in the Board, shall take an appropriate action against such people. 
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