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Human Debts: It is strongly believed that every individual has one common goal of clearing 3 debts that he is born with independent of religion, race & place and they are
  1. Pitru Runam(Parantal debt for giving birth)
  2. Rishi Runam ( for safe guarding & passing on the tradition & Culture from generation to generation called as Culture debt)
  3. Daiva Runam ( For the creation & sustenance of Universe. Since service to human is service to God, it can be community debt)

These are the 3 debts every individual of the universe has to clear before they leave this world. while the Parental debt can be cleared only by the children, the other two can be cleared by our following & promoting/Reviving the forgotten culture & Traditions and by supporting the needy in our communities.

APTA Stree Dhanam & Human Debt:

What a great way would be to Adopt, support & promote APTA Sthree Dhanam that helps in reviving the culture & in supporting the needy.

.We encourage you to donate at least for one or more marriages i.e $400 or in multiples of $400. However you are free to donate amount of your choice
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