APTA NextGEN service Initiatives

1. To bring awareness to Aptulu and their kids regarding how US Education system is different to our Indian Education system

2. Conducted Math and Science Olympiad competitions for KG-12th grade, distributed certificates at regional APTA events.

3. Our team helps from KG-College level for any education related guidance at different milestones of academic year.

4. With APTA NextGEN GOT TALENT programs we are sharing APTA NextGen kids inspirational journeys by interactive sessions and interview process.

5. Scheduled top college tours like Harvard, MIT, Berkley, Stanford, Duke, John Hopkins and Princeton.In last summer to Exclusive group tours to Aptulu with motto of Ivy Leagues Colleges are closer than you think and install the confidence in APTA Families.

6. Navigated APTA NextGEN kids to APTA Mega blood drive, various community service projects at various cities like Atlanta, LA, SanDiego, New York etc.

7. Engaging kids at COVID-19 locked down situation by different initiatives like Reading/Writing competition to elementary school kids; Debate competition to Middle School; Awareness sessions to High School students to get into top colleges.

8. More than 2000+ kids and parents joined into our APTA NextGEN whatsapp groups for elementary, middle, high school and college level. Based on their kids grades, any APTA member can join these groups by reaching APTA NextGEN TEAM.

Rama Krishna Velpuri

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