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APTA has a noble objective of helping the poor and needy Telugu students in their educational expenses.


APTA introduces a new program called ASEP [APTA Student Education Program], which enables us to help poor and needy students back home. APTA would strive to connect a benevolent and generous donor to a bright and needy student. On a regular basis, ASEP committee collects a list of economically backward students, who are exceptionally doing well in their studies/academics, but coming from the families that are too economically weak to support their kids’ educational expenses. APTA renders partial/full support to the selected students on an annual basis. If any of you come across such exceptional students with an abject poverty background, kindly forward their details to apta-exec@googlegroups.com.

Selection Process:

Below are the criteria for accepting the qualified applications from the targeted students: Accept applications only thru the referrals and the referrer must be an APTA Life Member. Review and scrutinize the received applications (by the ASEP committee members). Conduct a telephonic panel interview with the screened list of applicants (by the ASEP committee members) Combine the interview credential points (as mentioned in the below table) for each candidate and pass the finalized list on to the ASEP Chair (by the ASEP committee members). Approve the list of all APTA Scholarship Recipients for each Academic year (by the APTA Exec Committee) Get the paperwork from the selected recipients and send them the Checks (by APTA Treasurer)

Scholarship Details:

ASEP offers educational scholarships for deserving students in order to pursue their education.

S.No Course Scholarship Amount (In Rupees) Comments
1 Intermediate 10000/-  
2 Polytechnic 12000/-  
3 Bachelors Degrees 12000/-  
4 B.Tech/Engineering 18000/-  
5 MCA / MBA 18000/-  
6 Medicine 25000/-  
7 Any Master’s Degree 18000/-  


Selection Criteria & Credentials:

Here is the list of eligibility criteria and the corresponding credential points defined for each criterion.

S.No. Criteria Credentials
1 Student must have 70 and above percentage from 10th class to the date of application 4 Points
2 Single parent student. 2 Points
3 Must promise us that she/he is going to pay back when she/he get a job. 1 Points
4 Must maintain the consistency in his/her educational merit right from the beginning [Eg: If student scores 80% in 7th, it should be same or more in the 10th standard]. 1 Points
5 White ration card holders 1 Points
6 Special skills in Sports 1 Points


Mandatory Requirements:

Student must be studying Intermediate or above to receive this scholarship Student must have 70 and above percentage from 10th class to the date of application Application must come from the referrer not from the student, and referrer must be a life member If student is filling the application online, then referrer must send his online referral form Priority is given to the students who is in financial need and doing well in their studies Financial need is given higher priority

Referral Requirements:

The following requirements must be attained, when someone is referring for this program. You must be an APTA Life Member/Patron/Grand Patron. You must be ready to donate at least 30% of the estimated annual educational expenses for a selected student, while APTA would match the rest of 70%. You must not be a part of the selection process [Review/Scrutiny/Interview/Evaluation] for that applicant, if you are a referrer and you are in the ASEP selection committee in order to avoid unnecessary influence, if any.

Legal Disclaimer:

APTA reserves the right to verify an applicant’s information that has been provided. APTA has every right to disqualify an applicant, if the provided information proved to be inaccurate. APTA reserves every right to deny a student’s application if it does not meet the eligibility criteria.

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