APTA COVID Rescue Program

The current COVID-19 pandemic situation in India is beyond heartbreaking. The deadly second wave of it is devastating India, Leaving millions of people infected and ravaging the country. The number of infected cases growth curve is surging nearly vertical, setting a record-breaking pace of about 400,000 a day, Along with the massive death toll. 

Considering the current situation and dire need to support our society, APTA has launched an emergency Adhoc project  – “APTA COVID Rescue Programwith the dedicated help/assistance from the Doctors from our AMAP(APTA Medical Assistance Program) team and Volunteers to deploy all the required support.

The APTA COVID Rescue Program team has been working tirelessly since mid-April 2021 in all possible ways to educate the community on preventive measures and help the infected patients with required medical treatments/assistance. During the course of action, The team has gone through various types of situations & help-seeking by the patients, And now put together a structured plan of action to guide and support the patients depending on their stage and severity of COVID infection

High level plan of action:

  1. Built the APTA COVID Rescue Program – Volunteers force to help the needy depending on the severity of the infection.
  2. Regularly conducting online educational/training sessions for volunteers on COVID Rescue measures.
  3. Operational Training for volunteers on “how to help/guide the patients” at different stages of infection so that they can help the patients with medical advice and support their mental health and coping during covid.
  4. Organize the rescue & care efforts in such a way to use our AMAP doctor’s time & valuable services productively on a need basis to let more patients be treated. 
  5. Working on procuring emergency medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators, medical kits, and other supplies like 500+ pulse Oximeters & 500+ infrared thermometers &, etc.
  6. Needless to say, we need the required funding to support this most critical and time-sensitive initiative.  A dedicated team is working on fundraising activities for this program.

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