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Your seven steps to ఏడు అడుగులు

Read these seven steps to ఏడు అడుగులు and the frequently asked questions | తరచూ అడిగే ప్రశ్నలు using links below.

1. Use the link https://forms.gle/HJA1Bu8gXRmxKyae7 to submit the boy/ girl details. Remember to complete as much information as possible as this would certainly increase your details getting noticed by the prospecting other.
*Note: Provide only one email id in the form to receive the lists.

2. You will receive the actively available APTA Boys/ Girls list to your email Id provided in the form while submitted through the above link.

3. This Excel formatted list will have the necessary phone numbers and emails of the boys/girls so that you can filter based on the age, education, status etc., to match the requirement.

4. Take it to the next level of negotiations/ discussions process by contacting the boy/girl or their parents/guardians for more information such as in-depth details of families, exchanging photos, reciprocating ideas, hobbies etc., APTA is only a bridge and will not participate in the talks or discussion process between two parties at any stage.

5. Once if the negotiations are fruitful intimate APTA so that it can update the database by removing the record. This will avoid unnecessary inquiries contacting you further.

6. Wait for four to six months before asking for the updated lists. APTA will send the available up to date fresh list.

7. Inform details of the success story so that APTA wish to celebrate by publishing in the “APTA VANI” Newsletter. *Perhaps some surprise gift awaits you.

Frequently Asked Questions in English | తరచూ అడిగే ప్రశ్నలు తెలుగులో

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