Sthree Dhanam
Sthree Dhanam
What is APTA Sthree Dhanam:

Sthree Dhanam is an age-old tradition of our community and it is a way of Parental support extended to the new bride during time of her marriage. This an APTA service offering initiative to revive the tradition and to support the underprivileged brides of our community by providing them with the parental support.

Objective of APTA Sthree Dhanam:

To revive the age-old forgotten tradition. To ensure the privilege of Sthree Dhanam goes to every bride of our community.

APTA role in Sthree Dhanam:

APTA serves as a platform for this community service offering with the twin objectives of reviving tradition and playing the parental role to the under privileged bride.

Why should APTA adopt this service offering?:

Sthree Dhanam is a unique service offering with twin objectives that makes APTA a very strong and formidable organization of our community for others to follow. APTA is the only platform in the United States of America that has this kind of service offering with a twin objective. This service offering adds up to a high visibility and organic growth for APTA.

How is APTA Sthree Dhanam delivered to the eligible bride?:

Not in cash but in kind, by way of delivering the basic essential items needed for a new bride.

What essential items forms part of APTA Sthree Dhanam?:

Gas Stove, Mixer, Wet Grinder, Refrigerator, Steel Kitchen Utensils (Dinner set & Cooker, Cookware in steel).

What is the Sthree Dhanam budget per marriage?:

$ 400.00 to cover the essential items as listed above. (We encourage the donors to kindly consider supporting for at-least one marriage/one bride in a span of two years)

Who is eligible for APTA Sthree Dhanam:

A Girl with a minimum age of 18 years who is based in Telugu states of Telangana & AP and with a parental annual income is less than 5.00 lakhs can register. This registration must be through an APTA life member.

How is APTA Sthree Dhanam delivered to the eligible bride:

Not in cash but in kind, by way of delivering the basic essential items needed for a new bride.

What is the Registration Process?:

APTA Accept registrations only by an application from the potential beneficiary with a referral coming from APTA life member. APTA Sthree Dhanam Committee will review the applications received and register the eligible with the APTA Sthree Dhanam data base. Rejected applications will be sent back to applicants giving the reason for rejection with a copy to the referee.

How do we identify the Beneficiaries?:

Through referrals from our APTA life members.

How many beneficiaries can be referred by each APTA life member?

There is no limit on referring the number of potential beneficiaries.

Is it compulsory to donate for the APTA life members who have referred the beneficiaries?


How many beneficiaries would be considered for the APTA Sthree Dhanam?:

Depending on the fund’s availability situation. In the event of funds being low and beneficiaries being more, then the disbursement would be made by identifying beneficiary coming from the lowest level of income base. In the event of the collected Sthree Dhanam fund is more than needed for the available beneficiaries, then it would stay with the APTA Sthree Dhanam account and would be handy when there is a sudden spurt of beneficiaries in a year due to many marriages taking place for various reasons.

How many beneficiaries can be referred by each APTA member:

There is no limit on referring the beneficiaries.

What is in for the Donor?

  • Satisfaction of supporting a marriage or more marriages with the Sthree Dhanam.
  • Sthree Dhanam is the only service offering from APTA that serves twin objectives namely revival of tradition and support to the under privileged bride.
  • This is a great way of clearing the Cultural debt & Community debt in one go. ( Rishi runam & Daivva runam)
  • How does APTA track the happening of marriages? :

    APTA life member who referred the beneficiary is responsible for updating the APTA Sthree Dhanam committee about the marriage and to submit the required documents before the delivery of Sthree Dhanam.

    How does one Donate for APTA Sthree Dhanam?:

    Donations can be made to the APTA Sthree Dhanam in any of the following 3 available options –

  • By Check payable to “APTA Sthree Dhanam”
  • Through PayPal – “”
  • Through Zelle transfer Email – “”
  • All the Sthree Dhanam donations will be published in the website once in a quarter. Donations page will reflect current year and year to date donations against each individual donor.

    How to contact APTA Sthree Dhanam committee? :

    Please feel free to send us an email at with you questions and contact details, one of our APTA Sthree Dhanam Committee member will be happy to reach out to you.

    Please download the APTA Sthree Dhanam Application Document : Download Here