COVID Rescue Program – Process

Currently, APTA is offering this COVID Rescue Program to its members & their families only. 

Like our doctors educated, it is relatively easy to treat in an early and timely manner. So, Please be proactive and check your family member condition often and engage in the the rescue process described below.:

1. Every COVID case will have four key mandatory personas : (1) Volunteer, (2) AMAP – USA Doctor, (3) APTA – India Doctor (Remote), (4) Caretaker/Caregiver

2. The volunteer helping a COVID patient should have a “caretaker” from India. A caretaker is either a member of the patient family or someone assisting in COVID care.  Please have their primary contact number and an emergency contact number. 

3.  Volunteers will fill the “patient enrollment form” with correct information in APTA COVID emails.  Volunteers have the Instructions shared with them or they may collect from RVP’s.

4. Volunteers will reach out to our AMAP US based doctors: Dr. Sudheer Garu or Dr. Murthy Garu (via WhatsApp or by Phone) when a case is assigned or picked up for service.

5. Doctors will either directly consult the patient AND/OR refer the case to a local doctor in India.

6. Volunteer will create a dedicated “WhatsApp” group with (1) self (2) AMAP US Doctor (3) our India remote Doctor and (4) Caretaker / Caregiver

7. Volunteer with the help of the Caretaker keep building the case history and log the updates to the case file in the APTA COVID care India remote site and consistently keep updating the doctors on the progress (using the dedicated WhatsApp group created in (4)). building case history diligently helps doctors in serving the patient better.

Constant communication among the people involved in a given case is very critical.  Continue with the same level of focus and rigor until the patient is ‘confirmed’ as ‘in the safe zone’ by the doctors.  This disease is known to surprise us at any time during and after the recovery process.

Make it a structured and seamless consulting process for the patient and their family and to the serving doctors.  Make it a stress-free experience for the patient and the family. 

Volunteers, Requesting you to please also keep monitoring the well-being of your entire family as the possibility of others in the family getting infected is very high. 

Again, helping and providing care to the entire family of affected APTA members is our highest goal.  Let’s treat them as our own family. At the core, we are all one family… i.e. APTA family.

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