Board Chair’s Message
Board Chair’s Message
  • Dear Members,

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity as a Board Chairman to serve APTA community. Over the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure of watching APTA raise the bar for ourselves and our members in various.  I have seen our community come together and show resilience, determination and a shared sense of purpose, working effectively as a unified voice for a growth of APTA community While the obstacles are coming and going, we stand together all time, thanks for being united all the time and your great support.

    For any organization, membership growth is necessary to provide more services to the community. Please interduce as many members as you can from your relatives & friends.

    I believe education plays a role in any individual growth along with other necessities. ASEP is APTA’s one of the flag ship programs along with other programs AMAP, Career Guidance to members, matrimonial needs to youngsters, Business forums for Entrepreneurs. To support Education program back home APTA sponsored more than One Crore Rs scholar ships as per APTA guidelines to ~600 poor students in 2016.

    Goals for 2017

    APTA continues the same spirit and increases scholarships in 2017 as well; I request you all be part of this noble cause by enrolling Dollar a day program.

    • Increasing the membership to ~5k
    • Medical Camps
    • Encouraging young entrepreneurs
    • collaborating with other community organizations
    • Building Next Generation leaders
    • Career guidance, training programs for individual growth
    • women empowerment.
    • Decade APTA convention in 2018

    None of this would be possible without your help. APTA Board extends a sincere “thank you” to its members, volunteers, the board of directors, executive team & extended leadership team, friends, donors and APTA women force who make all of this happen.

    You make a difference!

    Madhu Dasari
    Board Chair- APTA