Matrimonial FAQ
Matrimonial FAQ

APTA MATRIMONIAL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the APTA marriage alliance email ID  where I should send my daughter’s details?

A1. Please do not send any emails to APTA. APTA will not accept any biodata as an attachment through email ID. Instead use the link “” to access the APTA 

Matrimony google form to fill in all you details of boy/ girl for marriage.


Q2. What happens after I submit the details of my daughter for alliance?

A2. After submitting your details through the APTA Matrimony form, you then will receive a  list of APTA prospective boys/ girls available for Marriage.


Q3. Do I need to submit photos of my Daughter through the APTA Matrimony form?

A3. No, APTA Matrimony do not want any boy/ girl photos to be uploaded. This process of  exchanging photos can be done at an advanced stages of the negotiations process with either  parties during mutually exchanging information between the two parties. (see also Q5/ A5)


Q4. What are the contents in the list I receive from APTA after I submit the Form through 

the APTA Matrimony Link.

A4. The list you receive from APTA after you submit the details of boy/ girl from the APTA  Matrimony link is an excel sheet showing the available boys and girls. This list include brief details of the boy/ girl along with the phone numbers and email Id to enable you to  select most suitable match and contact the party directly.


Q5. Will APTA negotiate with the other party in obtaining the background information of the boy/ girl and the family details, hobbies, interests, relatives and other such information.

A5. No, APTA will not intervene in the negotiation process between the two parties. It is  your responsibility to call directly or contact through email to find out more details  required and mutually exchange information to further progress in the discussion process.  APTA is only a bridge to provide the details of those available for marriage.


Q6. What if none in the list are suitable match what I am looking for?

A6. APTA Matrimony has an ambitious plan of “Six months Turn around time”. This means from  the date of submission within six months period APTA wish you should settle the Marriage.  In case you are unable to fix up marriage with in Six months, APTA will send the updated  list which will consist the recent submissions for the past six months since you first  registered. To obtain this list you need to intimate APTA Matrimony for fresh list after six months period from the date of first submission.


Q7. Do I have to pay any service fee or commission if the match is settled from the list  provided by APTA Matrimony?

A7. No, APTA Matrimony do not collect any fee or commission. Further, APTA will celebrate  the success by publishing in APTA News Letter. In addition there are few Surprise Gifts and offers from APTA Management and APTA Members for the new APTA couple.


Q8. Does APTA Matrimony has Marriage Horoscope Service?

A8. No, APTA do not have any such service. All such activities are your responsibility to  verify.


Q9. Does the information in the List provided by APTA Matrimony is genuine and authentic?

A9. Since the APTA Matrimony form link is accessible to all, APTA does not take any responsibility on the genuinity of the information. Once after you receive the database list  it is your responsibility to verify and cross check all the details with the other party. 


Q10.Does APTA Matrimony database has “Divorced looking for second marriage” persons list?

A10. Yes, APTA Matrimony list includes few divorced / eligible Second marriage persons  details.

Q11. What if I have to change the content of the form already submitted?

A11. See to it that the information you submit is correct without errors in the first place  before submitting the form. However, in some cases if you have already submitted the form  and need to change the content,a seperate request need to be sent to APTA Matrimony, asking  for the change and explaining the reason for the changes. This will be enabled by the  webmaster for a brief period of time during whtich you can make necessary changes. 

Q12. What is the email ID to contact APTA Matrimony to discuss other matrimonial related issues and concerns?

A12. APTA Matrimonial related queries and concerns can be sent to “” or ““. Expect delay in response times as these emails are checked by the members only during weekends and spare time.