Message from AAC Chairman
Message from AAC Chairman

Dear All,

American Progressive Telugu Association (APTA) successfully completed seven years in service of its membership community and it is time for all of us to review and understand how the organization metamorphosed and successfully managed through the different phases of infancy, adolescence and finally nearing maturity. It stood rock strong through this period and maneuvered the initial challenges, been recognized as the full pledged Not for Profit organization by the Government of United States and qualified for TAX exemptions from the State and Federal Governments. Over the years, APTA leadership team worked very hard, incorporated its own constitution and bylaws and formulated short and long term objectives in line with the wishes of its membership from the Telugu Community in United States. Through its continuous efforts, APTA was able to extend educational assistance for more than 500 graduate students back home in India, met most of the known emergency situations for its members in United States, Sought assistance at times even from the Indian embassy to expedite resolution of issues involving US Government agencies. APTA organized up to date information on jobs and educational facilities to the member community, conducted marriage counseling to its deserved bachelor colleagues and assisted in many other aspects for its membership Community. It is not surprising anymore that things once dreamed by the new members landing in the US are practically happening today. Right from comforting their arrival in US through the permanent settlement and happy get-together’s within the community members. With a strong 500+ life members (with 3000+ members in the APTA Email General Distribution List), scores of temporary membership and a couple of dozen Patron members, APTA is racing faster towards assisting the Telugu community in the United States and back home in India.

As matter of its priorities, APTA is gearing up to meet its commitment towards the Telugu community in the United States and will be concentrating to establish State and City units. These units will be led by highly committed experts and volunteers in the respective cities, whose main aim will be to serve the basic needs of relationship between its members. Starting from receiving the new members to the city, these units will organize periodic meets, get-together’s, Telugu Literary and cultural activities and so on. Apart from the above, APTA is also short listing some of its long term activities to implement them immediately. Some of the likely items shall be introduction of APTA International Awards in different fields of talent, felicitate and honor members of repute from Telugu community and revitalize Telugu culture, encourage literary and fine arts activities through conducting competitive search, build unity and harmony among its people and assist old age homes/orphanages for the benefit of the community.

With the above on hand, APTA will be ever busy organizing its activities through the years to come. Those who can financially help or support intellectually in different tasks of APTA are most welcome to join in this cherished endeavor and kind service to the Telugu community.

Long Live APTA Fraternity and the Telugu Community in the United States!!!

My Regards,
Prasad Sammeta
09/01/2015, Philadelphia, PA

Chairman, AAC (APTA Advisory Council)
Cell: 215 237 2817