(APTA) wins 2020 Guidestar Platinum seal of transparency

💐💐💐APTA wins two back to back Platinum seals of transparency (2019 & 2020), history is made💐💐💐

Namaskaram🙏🙏🙏. Our beloved organization (APTA) wins 2020 Guidestar Platinum seal of transparency. Today, we stands out as ONE & ONLY organization with two consecutive highest level certifications in community organizations of South Asian descent. This is dedicated to all the APTA soldiers who are part of the organization and future next generation. As Kiran Palla Gaaru always say, our goal is to try our best to create value to the next generation while respecting past and current leaders, volunteers, members who worked hard to get us to this stage. We sincerely request everyone to celebrate with a hand on your heart by being part of this wonderful APTA day of celebration💐💐💐.

Kudos to our Board, Executive and Extended leadership team. Any success comes with discipline, meticulous planning and execution. My heartfelt thanks to Shri Kiran Palla Gaaru (Board Chair) and all Board Directors who worked with Executive team in every step of the way. We would like to thank entire executive team and 400+ Extended Leadership Team.

When our children ask what APTA is – we should reflect that this organization not only stands for the community but also certified at the highest level of transparency by an external agency that monitors 11,000 NPOs in 160+ countries with 2.8 million site visitors. Our Board Chair and leadership gracefully conclude that approximately 200 + hours of filling up the paper work, interviews and follow-ups, brought much needed platform for our children to firmly stand on forever. Please spread the word and encourage the next generation be part of APTA. Make APTA organization proud by promoting collaboration!! APTA achieved 2020 Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency https://www.guidestar.org/profile/26-2189788


APTA Leadership Team🙏🙏🙏