Etukuru Medical Camp – Jul 2016

Please find below details of medical camp which we conducted last Sunday. 

Last Sunday (7/24/2016) we had a successful eye and medical camp at Etukuru, Guntur. The camp started at 7 AM with blood testing and the patients arrived at the venue on time. As the patients arrived at the venue early morning without eating breakfast we provided fruits after blood sample collection. Shankara eye hospital doctors & supporting staff arrived at 8:30 AM and started to organize things. Medical camp started at 9 AM and by 11 AM total patient count reached 700. Earlier we expected 500 patients to attend camp, however, increase in the numbers caused shortage of iron, calcium and vitamin syrups. We arranged for more. By the end of the day 1200 patients attended the camp. Dr Uday Shankar garu led the medical camp with his team of doctors Dr. Chandu Ajay Kumar, Dr. Murali, Dr. S. Radha Madhavi, Dr. P. Sai Kiran, Dr. Kalyan, Dr. Sai Priya, Dr. Naveena. Many other medical professionals volunteered.

Ground work for this medical camp started from 7/2/2016 when we created whatsapp group to discuss things and assign ownership for specific tasks. We got extensive support from Shri Uggirala Seetharamaiah garu and he nominated Shri Markandeyulu garu to organize everything for our organization. Shri Markandeyulu garu extended full support and spearheaded the smooth conduction of the camp. Siva Gona garu helped us with banner preparation, media relations and wonderful food. Srihari garu (brother of our aptudu Eswar Arige garu) arranged vehicles and co-ordinated with volunteers. Vehicles were placed at Lalpuram and Budampadu villages from 7 AM. They made several trips. Srini Degala garu arranged fruits in short notice with the help of his brother in law Shri Inturi Satyanarayana garu. He volunteered for the event. Subhash Tanniru garu, Sudheer Nissankararao garu, Sri Nissankararao garu participated actively and updated things regularly. JJV garu & Anil Veeriseety extended his support in arranging mementos, audio script for advertisements and local coordination. Eswar Arige garu was supportive all the time, gave very good suggestions regularly. He is the main person who introduced Dr. Uday Shankar garu. Dr Surya Raguthu garu sponsored all medications for the camp. Gopal Gudapati garu was with the team always.

Shri Katuri Srinivas garu, Lalpuram president was very supportive and co-ordinated with Lalpuram and Budampadu people. Vamshi Annangi garu was on the ground all day and took care of all the proceedings. 

Several hundreds of volunteers participated. If I miss any names please let me know. APTA Medical Assistance Program (AMAP) team worked so hard to make this event successful and memorable.