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Namaskaram. Wish you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2019.
Congratulations to all newly elected Board of Directors and Executive team members.  
I don’t think this is anyone’s victory. We got 44 amazing contestants. This is an wonderful opportunity given to all of us. We all share the responsibility of taking APTA to the next level. We will all work together implementing our APTULU’s sentiment, vision and manifesto. Let’s give a big round of applause to entire AEC Team and all contestants. We all are one and we all will work towards our unity across the nation, for the progress of our beloved organization.
First 30 Day – Action Plan
We are hosting a in-person leadership transition meeting (all day working session) focused on transition, what’s working and what’s not working in APTA , strategic discussion about our APTA’s programs, Unity dinner with our new, past leadership team along with all 44 contestants onJanuary 26th @ Boston area. We are taking all 44 contestants goals and objectives into consideration and prioritize them during our working session. We are hoping this session will help set the strategic direction for our progressive APTA. In order for us to get prepared for this session we are seeking feedback from members on all our strategic programs separately via surveys. This member feedback survey data will helps to enhance or improve our programs. Please take some time to respond to these surveys. I will share my 30-60-90-120 day action plan in my future emails.
We will strive to implement the Vision & Manifesto that we promised to our members.
  • ప్రాంతీయ నాయకత్వాన్ని విస్మరించని జాతీయ నాయకత్వం
  • మహిళా నాయకత్వాన్ని కాంక్షించే సంప్రదాయం
  • ఐక్య ఆప్త’ లక్ష్యం గా పారదర్శక అభివృద్ధి ప్రస్థానం 
  • భావి తరాల సమగ్రాభివృద్ధి  లక్ష్యం
  • ఆపత్కాలంలో ‘ఆప్త’హస్తంగా పనిచేసే ఆలోచనావిధానం
  • మాతృదేశం లో ‘ఆప్త’ సేవలు మరింత విస్తృతం చేసే లక్ష్యం



1.  Unity – Help foster unity and integrity among our APTA member community.

2.  Teamwork – “Individual talents wins games, but teamwork wins championships”.

3.  Services – Add new and enhance existing ASEP, AMAP, AWEP, ATSAP and all other strategic APTA programs. 

Business Forums – Enhance business forums and support entrepreneur’s forum to achieve their dreams.

Giving Back to Local Government and Communities. Partner to help local communities – blood banks, food, cloth banks etc

Matrimonial Programs – Enhance matrimonial services and streamline reachability options.

Medical Assistance Program – We provide health care advice to members in day to day basis as part of our AMAP service

4.  Women Empowerment – Women first in each and every organizational initiative. Forums to support against domestic violence

Emergency Funds – To support APTA member families in USA during unexpected and difficult timesVisiting APTULU support programs – Programs to create platform for visiting APTULU families, including elderly aptulu to form groups activities etc.

6.  Website & Communication – Streamlined member registrations in website and ability region level leads to update their regional activities, specific content.  Including financials will be shared using appropriate safe communication medium. Streamlined communication including WhatsApp groups, professional email moderation team, newsletters.

7. Student Empowerment – Assist upon arrivalMentoring MS studentsprovide job guidance, career advice and free training opportunities.
8.  Next-Gen Kids Empowerment – Programs to create platform for kids to improve their leadership & communication skills, and help and guide for college education.
9. India Operations – Support programs for elderly parent APTULU – focus on celebrating seniors, granting their wishes and making dreams come true and any community support activities in India.

10. Resolution Team – Main agenda of the resolution team is to solve problems and to work in the direction of making APTA family stronger.

Please reach out to us to provide your valuable inputs or suggestions for organization improvement anytime.
Nataraju Elluri
President, American Progressive Telugu Association (APTA)
Mobile: 401-588-9157
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