AptavANi ఆప్తవాణి Souvenir is getting READY!!

ఆప్తులందరికీ నమస్సుమాంజలి.. We are just literally two weeks away from our exciting Sept 4th APTA Conference and kindly book your flight tickets to the Bay Area (Sept 3rd thru Sept 5th) today, if you have not already!! We are proudly releasing a 100+ pages APTA Souvenir called ఆప్తవాణి and all Conference attendees will see the beautiful Souvenir on Sept 4th. Attached is a sample of its Cover page (ఇంకా తుది మెరుగులు దిద్దుకుంటూ ఉంది). Here is the Editorial Board of the Souvenir: ==================================== Editor-in-Chief: Raj Madishetty (MI) Associate Editors: Naresh Srirama (GA), Madhu Vulli (MI) and Prasad Thota (PA) Sub-Editors: Panduranga Rao Chimata (CA), Lakshmi Chimata (CA) —> Content collection Vijay Kocherla (VA), Radhika Nygapulla (CA) and Kumkum Tirumalasetty (CA) –> Proof-reading Cover Design: Madhu Vulli and Saidesh (India) Lay-out Designer: Saidesh ==================================== The above team is working round the clock to get the beautiful Souvenir done by the targetted deadline and kudos to these folks dedicated time and passion for APTA!! Souvenir Contents: 1. Pictures of Past & Current Leadership, Donor/Sponors (>$1000), Regional Picnics held in 2016 2. Articles/stories/bios/kavaitalu collected from US based Aptulu and from Eminent Aptulaina writers (such as Yerramsetti Sai etc) 3. APTA Kids’ Achievements/Awards 4. Ad’s from Sponsors/Donors 5. Messages from India (Govt officials) and from the APTA Chief Leads 6. And many more…… What do we request from you? 1. Sponsor Ad’s (Full page: $500 and Half-Page: $250).. mainly Restaurants and other businesses –> Deadline: Sunday, 08/21st We would kindly request all RVP’s to kindly contact the local businesses and pass on the info to us. 2. Your kids’ achievements (academic or other misc ones), awards, honors along with a paragraph write-up and pictures –> Deadline: Sunday, 08/21st 3. Any kind donations.. very very crucial for the Conference’s success. Kindly contact the Conf. Co-Convener, Reddiah at 510 289 4844 4. Pl. inform all your relatives/friends that are Aptulu in the CA state, in particular, in the Bay Area and kindly encourage/convince them to attend this Sept 4th Conference.